HIlton Grand Vacations Club


At Hilton Grand Vacations, owners are granted the freedom to craft their personalized vacation experiences, which can be truly empowering. It is crucial to grasp the distinctions between HGV Max and Hilton Grand Vacations Club, the two points-based membership programs, as this knowledge becomes a pivotal factor in elevating your vacation experiences to unprecedented levels of enjoyment.

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  1. Member
  2. Preferred
  3. Preferred +
  4. Premier 
  5. Premier +
  6. Centum + 

The benefits become increasingly enhanced with each higher level of membership.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club Membership Tiers

The Club membership begins with the Standard Member tier, progressing through Elite, Elite Plus, and culminating in Elite Premiere. Similar to the HGV Max Membership, each level of membership offers a growing array of perks compared to the preceding one.

Standard Member

A Hilton Grand Vacations Standard Member is defined as an Owner possessing up to 22,400 points. As a Member, you will familiarize yourself with the program and learn how to utilize its offerings. Additionally, being part of this initial tier grants you Silver status in the Hilton Honors rewards program, providing you access to the entire Hilton portfolio from the outset.

Elite Member

Upon surpassing 22,400 qualifying ClubPoints, you ascend to the esteemed status of "Elite" within Hilton Grand Vacations. In addition to the benefits enjoyed by Standard Members, being an Elite Preferred member offers you the following perks:

  • Gold Hilton Honors membership
  • Dedicated check-in areas and an Elite room key
  • A dedicated team of Elite specialists
  • Waived reservation fees for 7-night stays at Hilton Grand Vacations Club properties
  • A 10% Open Season discount
  • Access to Villas of Distinction – a selection of thousands of luxurious villas around the world
Elite Plus Member
As you continue to embrace the vacation ownership lifestyle, we constantly strive to enhance and invigorate your travel experiences. Upon reaching 38,400 ClubPoints, you will attain the distinguished Elite Plus status. Beyond the benefits offered to Elite members, Elite Plus Members receive the following additional privileges:
  • A welcome gift at select properties
  • Discounted upgrade fees
  • A 15% Open Season discount

ClubPoint to Hilton Honors Point conversion at a 1-to-16 ratio

Elite Premier Member

The ultimate tier of Club membership is tailored for travelers possessing over 54,400 ClubPoints. These dedicated Owners have wholeheartedly embraced the vacation ownership lifestyle, earning the esteemed status of Elite Premier.

  • Diamond Elite Hilton Honors membership
  • The opportunity to request specific units (when available)
  • A 30% Open Season discount
  • luxury vacation exchange opportunities via The Registry Collection
  • $250 Lyft Pass for transportation between local and eligible Hilton Grand Vacations properties